Commercial Cleaning in Houston

Make Your Office Space Cleaner & Healthier


Supreme Clean Chem-Dry knows that every business is unique and requires tailored cleaning services. For example, a bustling hotel lobby may need more frequent upholstery cleaning, whereas a smaller office may not require professional carpet cleaning as often. Our technicians will work with you to develop a cleaning plan that caters to your commercial space. We are dedicated to creating a clean and healthy business environment for both your customers and employees.

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Is Commercial Cleaning in Houston Necessary For My Office or Business?

Commercial cleaning in Houston is perfect for several spaces. Our unique cleaning can improve the air quality and improve the quality of your workspace. An organized and refreshed space is ideal to work in.

  • Offices and office buildings, conference rooms
  • Worker cubicles
  • Theaters & Churches
  • Senior living facilities
  • Department stores and retail stores
  • Doctor, dentist and other medical practitioner offices
  • Showrooms & Restaurants
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Convention centers
  • Schools & classrooms


Supreme Clean Chem-Dry’s revolutionary technologies help to remove soil, and spots from the carpets and upholstery in your office space. With so many people sharing a commercial space, stains, and spills are a common occurrence. We provide superior stain removal service so that you get a deeper, longer-lasting clean. We’ll work with you to first analyze your facility and customize a program to ensure your carpet, rugs, and upholstery last longer and that your business remains healthy and clean.

A cleaner and healthier business is just a few clicks away.

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Healthier Commercial Cleaning in Houston

You can be confident that our carpet cleaning method is healthy for your family, business, and the environment. Chem-Dry’s signature cleaning solution, The Natural®,  easily removes dirt and grime but doesn’t damage the carpet fibers in your office space.

The beauty of The Natural® is that despite its hard-working cleaning ability, it is 100% non-toxic and completely safe for homes with kids and pets. You won’t find a better carpet cleaning system that is both effective and safe for your carpets.

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