Leather Cleaning in The Woodlands and Houston

Get your leather furniture cleaner without drying it out.


Leather furniture is a beautiful and expensive investment. That’s why it’s such a shame when people ruin their leather by trying to clean it the wrong way. Many cleaning solutions and methods dry out the leather and cause further damage. As Houston’s upholstery cleaning experts, the team here at Supreme Clean Chem-Dry knows how to clean virtually any type of furniture including leather. We use all of the proper tools, solutions, and methods to get your leather furniture cleaner and healthier than ever before.

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Does Leather Actually Need to be Cleaned?

Believe it or not, your leather furniture more than likely needs a professional cleaning soon. Take a really close look at it today and you’ll start to see a number of problems you’d rather have gone. With our products, scuffs, scratches, and fading can be soothed, cleaned, and revitalized. Regular cleaning from a Leather Specialist can also prevent undue wear and keep your leather furniture looking great for years to come.

Don’t just let your leather waste away. Give us a call today to get it looking as good as the day you bought it. We promise to treat your leather furniture with the utmost respect and care. As our reviews would indicate, you can also count on us to treat you the right way as well.

Clean & rejuvenated leather is just a few clicks away.

Causes of Leather Deterioration

  1. Oils and Grease: We’re talking about oils that can come from both humans and animals as they lounge about on the furniture. Hair and hand oils are easily transferred to the head cushions and armrests of the furniture and can cause serious damage to the protective finishes found on leather couches.
  2. Atmospheric Soils: Houses collect a good amount of dust just by simply existing. This dust is being deposited on your leather. In addition to this dust, there are airborne cooking oils and atmospheric pollutants present, to some degree, in every home.
  3. Common Soils: We all track dirt into our houses on accident. You really don’t have to be out playing in the dirt for this to happen. You simply just have to walk outside. The fibers are brought in the home by adults, kids, and pets and attach to the leather every time the furniture is used.
  4. Dyes and Inks: The inks from newsprint in newspapers can readily be deposited on leather. Clothes such as denim can transfer dye onto leather in a process called dye transfer. The direct ink from a leaky pen or the aspiring toddler artist should not be forgotten.
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Get Your Furniture Cleaned Regularly

In order to keep your leather couches, chairs, and loveseats clean, you should vacuum and dust them every so often. Experts also recommend a professional cleaning every 6-12 months from a reputable service like Supreme Clean Chem-Dry.

Between professional cleanings, you can maintain your leather furniture by using Chem-Dry Soft Cleaner and rejuvenating the protection with Chem-Dry Protection Cream. Both products are found in the Chem-Dry Home Leather Care Kit.