Summer Cleaning Tips For A Healthier Home

Jun 26, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, commercial cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning | 0 comments

Our team at Supreme Clean Chem-Dry hopes you’re having a memorable and safe summer season! Our array of cleaning services in The Woodlands, Texas is here to help you accomplish exactly that by ensuring your home is clean and refreshed.

We can take many deep cleaning to-dos off of your plate! Here are some home maintenance tasks we recommend for the summer season. 

Recommendations For Summer Cleaning

  • Have your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs professionally cleaned. 
  • Clean out the vents around your home and replace your air conditioning filter. 
  • Dust all ceiling fans and change the direction of the blades. 
  • Wash your windows inside and out, including window screens. 
  • Take everything out of your fridge and freezer and wipe it down thoroughly with a sanitizing detergent. 
  • Clear off your patio and give the concrete or pavers a good scrub and spray. 
  • Check all outdoor faucets for leaks. 
  • Sweep the exterior of your home—including porches, patios, windows, screens, railings, window boxes, and more—to remove dust, debris, and spider webs. 
  • Scrub outdoor cushions, pillows, and furniture. 
  • Remove all items from your kitchen cabinets and wipe them down inside and out. 
  • If you have an outdoor grill, clean the grill grates.
  • Use a ladder to clean your rain gutters. You may be surprised what accumulates there throughout the year! 
  • Give your garage a thorough overhaul. Eliminate unneeded items, organize shelves and racks, and give your garage floor a good scrubbing. 
  • Clean all the linens in your home, including bedding, towels, curtains, and more. 

Professional Cleaning Services In The Woodlands, Texas

Our team can help with many of the deep cleaning needs around your home. We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning for homes in The Woodlands, Katy, Conroe, and the surrounding cities. Do you have a commercial office in need of a thorough cleaning? Call us at (832) 956-1535 to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you! 

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