The Best Carpet Options For Homes With Kids & Pets

Apr 13, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning | 0 comments

When you have pets and children in your home, it’s unavoidable: your carpet will have more traffic causing an increase of wear and tear. Even if you annually get your carpet professionally cleaned, it won’t keep low-quality carpet intact. What many people don’t know is there are ways to minimize and prevent further damage. When it comes to choosing carpet the main things homeowners look for are style and color. These are important aspects of a carpet, but you also want to look for a durable, high resistant carpet that will keep its quality no matter how much traffic or accidents there are on it. 

Whether it’s dirt your toddler brought in, or an accident during puppy training here are three types of carpets that can maintain their quality best—no matter how many children or pets you have in the home!


Best Option: Polyester

Polyester is not only stain-resistant but it is also softer than most carpets. This is the perfect combination for busy family homes that want the comfort of soft carpet, without sacrificing quality and durability.


Better Option: Synthetic Fiber 

The best carpet option for homes that have kids and/or pets is synthetic fiber carpet! It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the carpet options, but by choosing one with synthetic fiber you can narrow that selection and know you will be getting a quality carpet that will last.

 If your home constantly has toddlers, pets or teenagers spilling and stomping on it, Nylon could be the best fiber option for your home. Nylon carpets are very sturdy, as the synthetic fibers hold their shape well, especially in comparison to other materials, such as the loop style Berber carpet (which can easily snag). While nylon may be a bit higher in cost than other fibers, it offers a longer-lasting color—even in high traffic home


Best Shade: Medium Shade Carpet

Even with the best fiber, there are other things you can do to avoid stains or spills on your carpet. The easiest way to make your carpets look clean the longest is to choose one that isn’t too dark or too light in color. A medium-neutral color is the way to go. 


Protecting Your Carpet

Picking the right type of carpet for your home is an important choice to make, and when you choose one that’s compatible with your growing family’s needs, you need to protect it! Routine professional carpet cleaning in Cypress every 6-12 months extends the life and durability of your carpets. Supreme Clean Chem-Dry has received the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Platinum Seal of Approval with its hot water extraction cleaning system and is trusted by the nation’s top carpet manufacturers to deliver a deep clean that will maintain the appearance and performance of your carpets for years of use.

Carpet Cleaning In Cypress, Texas

Chem-Dry is here to give your carpet the care it needs and deserves with carpet cleaning in Cypress. We look forward to serving you soon! 

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