Tips To Help Your Couch Survive The Summer Season

Jul 12, 2022 | Upholstery Cleaning | 0 comments

Summer is in full swing, and we hope you’re enjoying all it has to offer! We’re also here to support you in all of your deep cleaning efforts, including upholstery cleaning in Katy, Texas

Chem-Dry can take the stress and guesswork out of making sure your furniture stays in good condition throughout all the seasons of the year. We also understand that summer brings some unique challenges for upholstery, and that’s why we’re sharing some simple tips for keeping yours in tip top shape. 

We also invite you to sti back, relax, and enjoy your summer while we take care of upholstery cleaning in Katy, Texas for you! 


Protect Your Upholstery This Summer

Summer means more time outdoors, and perhaps less time lounging on the couch. However, it also carries with it some threats to upholstery. Here are a few words of advice to help protect your couch and other furniture throughout summer:

  • Avoid sweaty, dirty clothing or bodies on the couch. Change clothes and rinse off first if possible, or lay down a blanket before sitting on furniture. 


  • The same goes for pets, too. Do your best to keep pets clean, and lay a blanket or protective layer over your furniture before snuggling up with your pet if needed.


  • Avoid eating and drinking on the couch if possible, or use trays, coffee tables, and coasters to help prevent accidents or direct contact with food and your upholstery.


  • If and when spills or stains happen, spot treat them quickly to help keep them from becoming permanent.


Upholstery Cleaning In Katy, Texas

Of course it’s important for you to live and enjoy life to the fullest! The last thing you should have to worry about is your furniture—which is where Chem-Dry comes in. 

We have your covered with industry leading upholstery cleaning in Katy, Texas. Our method helps shield and protect furniture from future stains, and also remove dirt, particles, and allergens that may compromise it. 

Whatever your needs for upholstery cleaning in Katy, Texas, we’re here to serve you! 

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