Why Your Carpets Deserve More Than DIY Pet Stain Removal

May 18, 2023 | General Cleaning Tips, Green Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal Treatment, Stain Removal | 0 comments

Taking on a project yourself can provide many benefits—like saving on time and cost, in some cases. But with that in mind, there are some things that should be kept to the pros at Supreme Clean Chem-Dry, like pet urine odor removal

Taking on this task yourself can actually result in making the issue worse. And the truth is, all the do-it-yourself methods out there won’t remove pet urine and odor crystals trapped deep within the carpet. 

The Risks Of Removing Pet Urine Yourself 

It’s important to use the right cleaning solutions, particularly on carpets and hardwood as some products can damage the surface. 

Keep in mind as well that do-it-yourself scrubbing may remove surface stains for a short while but leave behind moisture and odors beneath the surface that will continue to reappear and permeate the home. 

Pet urine is highly acidic and as it dries it crystalizes, leaving behind potent, concentrated odor crystals that remain trapped beneath carpet, backing, padding, and even hard flooring. Even the best DIY method can’t reach these odor crystals. 

Another consideration is to be sure to use only non-toxic cleaning solutions that are pet-safe. Avoid using too much moisture in the cleaning process as well. 

Benefits Of Professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment 

When you look at the facts, it really is best to leave pet urine and odor removal to the pros. Chem-Dry specializes in removing stubborn pet stains and odors from carpets using green methods that are safe for your pets and the environment. 

We’ll pull back the carpet, replace padding or backing, and add odor-blocking shellac to the flooring.  Our P.U.R.T. system chemically breaks down odor crystals from all affected areas. Then we extract all stains and moisture using our revolutionary carbonated cleaning

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